Tham Soong - LO0044

(Amphoe Nong Hin - TH)
Longueur 30m Profondeur 5m
Grottocenter / carte


From Tham Maholan a concrete surfaced path leads south-east around the base of the hill. At one point is passes what may be a seasonal resurgence, blocked with boulders. The path then gently ascends the face of the cliff before some steps lead up to the entrance Martin Ellis - 12/03/2020


Martin Ellis - 12/03/2020

The cave ha been developed as a shrine and for meditation. Just inside the entrance a metal ladder leads up to a second entrance in the cliff face. The is a single chamber with no ways on. This is a recorded cave art site with red paintings on the cliff near the entrance and on two sides.


Bibliography 12/03/2020
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2009-06-07 (M. Ellis, T. Bolger) Martin Ellis - 12/03/2020

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