Ubuvumo Nyiragihima

Shingiro (Musanze - RW)
Longueur 1116m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 29/11/2015

(West province, Virunga mountains) Co-ordinates: S 01"30'02.0”; E 029°33'12.2”. Alt. ca. 2,215 m. Explored by the 2004 international expedition to NW Rwanda. Lava tube cave with a single roof collapse doline that serves as entrance. The NW section of the cave is narrow and soon ends with an entrance closed by rocks that is used as a toilet. The SE Section of the cave is spacious, has a clear inclination, and carries a small water stream during the wet season. A boulder choke towards the SE can be by-passed but the cave soon terminates in a narrow crawl that was not pushed seriously and has a strong air current. Thus, the cave could be extended in the future. Ubuvumo Nyiragihima has some loops and parallel passages, all of which re-join the main lava tube. Some remains of a hideout were found in the cave that has no human bones. Survey and description according to Laumanns et al. (2005, 2007).


Une expédition de trois semaines a été réalisée en février 2007 par le Néerlandais Jan Paul van der Pas et Michael Laummans, dans la région de la chaîne volcanique Virunga au nord-ouest du Rwanda (Afrique centrale), afin de lever les derniers points d’interrogation restants. (cf. Spelunca n°106, 2007, page 4, échos des profondeurs étranger, Rwanda : spelunca.ffspeleo.fr/200706_Spelunca_106.pdf) BTH - 24/11/2022

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
4.7Ubuvumo Rwego [Grotte des Commandos]952
5.5Ubuvumo Gacinyiro 21470
5.7Ubuvumo Gacinyiro 135025
6.2Ubuvumo Manjari 21660
6.6Ubuvumo bwa Musanze (main segment)1600
10.2Ubuvumo Nyaruhonga 332
14.2Ubuvumo Nyabikuri-Rudi3384
21.1Ubuvumo Numatongo620
24.4Ubuvumo Gisuvo733