Nam Non (Tham) [Grotte-résurgence de la Nam Non]

(ເມືອງຄູນຄຳ - LA)
Longueur 22130m Profondeur 87m
Grottocenter / carte


Brève description de la zone d'entrée, en anglais

BTH - 28/04/2016

After a rock scramble at the entrance it was mostly a plod over cobble beds and sand, indeed in the dry season the entire cave is like this. About 200m into the cave we noted tree branches wedged in the arched walls about 25m overhead. Surely the cave doesn’t flood to that height, we thought, but how else did they get there as there is 400m of solid limestone beyond that. Most of the first 550m is 70m high, and well lit from outside, with the stream meandering from to side requiring some wading. About 600m in the passage narrows to a high canyon which continues another 3km to a sump that dries only at the end of the dry season, and eventually to the other side of the mountain. Total length of the cave is over 9kmDUNKLEY John, "Big Caves in Laos", Calcite 43, January 2011, page 27 :….


Bibliography 15/01/2010

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