Shaft PL21 - CM0221

မင်းတုန်း (MM)
Longueur 32m Profondeur 27m
Grottocenter / carte


On the western end of the Doi Luang Chiang Dao massif.From the Hmong village first take the path to the left among the bushes until a poppy field is seen on the left. At the upper edge of the clearing there is a karst depression about 5 m deep in which trees grow. In the clay deposited in the bottom of the doline there is a narrow entrance. Martin Ellis - 02/07/2019


Martin Ellis - 02/07/2019

The entrance pitch is 25 m deep and the floor is clay and boulders. Towards the SE a narrow passage drops away at 30 deg to end after 5 m in a clay blockage.


Bibliography 02/07/2019
[Topo] Shaft PL21 01/05/2019


Z. Szczepkowski explored the cave on the 12 February. Martin Ellis - 02/07/2019

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