Liste de cavités


Par régions

County Clare (249) County Leitrim (98) County Cork (65) County Sligo (61) County Galway (60) County Kerry (25) County Mayo (19) County Waterford (17) County Tipperary (16) County Cavan (13) Inconnue (11)


PollpruglishCounty Cavan300 m65 m
Whelan's Quarry Cave County Clare37 m20 m
Rising of the WatersCounty Mayo25 m
Murphy's WellCounty Galway6 m
PollprughlishCounty Cavan
Aughrim CaveCounty Cavan
Pollnagollum Slieve RushenCounty Cavan
PollnagossanCounty Cavan
Tory CaveCounty Cavan
White Fathers CaveCounty Cavan
A001C Cave County Clare
A003B Cave County Clare
Addergoole Cave (1)County Clare
Addergoole Cave (2)County Clare
Addergoole Cave (3)County Clare
Aillwee CaveCounty Clare
Alice And Gwendoline CavesCounty Clare
B10B CaveCounty Clare
B01C Cave County Clare
B01E Cave County Clare
B02 Cave County Clare
B08D Cave County Clare
Ballycahill CaveCounty Clare
Ballyconry CaveCounty Clare
Ballyganner South CaveCounty Clare
Ballymahony CaveCounty Clare
Barntick CaveCounty Clare
Bat'S CaveCounty Clare
Calf SwalletCounty Clare
Carran Mine CaveCounty Clare
Cave Of The Wild HorsesCounty Clare
Clooncoose CaveCounty Clare
Commons North Terrace CaveCounty Clare
Coolagh River Cave (Polldonagh NorthCounty Clare
Coskeam CaveCounty Clare
Croagh South CaveCounty Clare
Cullaun 1 CaveCounty Clare
Cullaun 2 CaveCounty Clare
Cullaun 3County Clare
Cullaun 4County Clare
Cullaun 5County Clare
Cullaun 5ACounty Clare
Cullaun Zero CaveCounty Clare
Danes HoleCounty Clare
Doonyvarden CaveCounty Clare
Drummoher Pothole EastCounty Clare
Drummoher Pothole WestCounty Clare
E2 CaveCounty Clare
Elderbush CaveCounty Clare
Faunarooska 3 CaveCounty Clare
Faunarooska CaveCounty Clare
Fergus River CaveCounty Clare
Forestry SinkCounty Clare
Foxholes DigCounty Clare
Glencurran CaveCounty Clare
Goat CaveCounty Clare
Goat HoleCounty Clare
Gortlecka CaveCounty Clare
Gragan West Cave County Clare
Green Stream CaveCounty Clare
Hammer PotCounty Clare
Hawthorn SwalletCounty Clare
Hawthorn Swallet ResurgenceCounty Clare
Hell ComplexCounty Clare
Hot Tip CaveCounty Clare
Jam Pot Cave (2)County Clare
Jam Pot SwalletCounty Clare
Killeany RisingCounty Clare
Kilmoon Stream CaveCounty Clare
Lake CavesCounty Clare
Mermaid'S Hole
Milner'S Brown HoleCounty Clare
Mutt'S AveCounty Clare
Noaff East SinkCounty Clare
Pol-An-IonainCounty Clare
Poll An ChaiscCounty Clare
Poll BallaghalineCounty Clare
Poll Ballyconnoe SouthCounty Clare
Poll Cahercloggaun EastCounty Clare
Poll Cahercloggaun WestCounty Clare
Poll Cahercloggaun West-OneCounty Clare
Poll DeargCounty Clare
Poll GormCounty Clare
Poll Kilmoon EastCounty Clare
Poll Na FhiaCounty Clare
Poll Na GceimCounty Clare
Poll Rannagh EastCounty Clare
Poll SalachCounty Clare
Pollapooka (1)County Clare
Pollapooka (2)County Clare
Pollapooka (3)County Clare
PollballinyCounty Clare
PollballyellyCounty Clare
Pollbegob NorthCounty Clare
Pollbegob NorthCounty Clare
PollcahermacnaughtenCounty Clare
PollcanCounty Clare
PollderreenCounty Clare
Polldonough WestCounty Clare
PolldubhCounty Clare
Pollnagollum-PoulelvaCounty Clare
PollnagrinnCounty Clare
Poulacapple PotCounty Clare
PoulawillinCounty Clare
Poulcarra CaveCounty Clare
Poulcarry CavesCounty Clare
PoulnaboeCounty Clare
PoulnacallyCounty Clare
PoulnadatigCounty Clare
PoulnagolloorCounty Clare
Poulnagordon Cave (1)County Clare
Poulnagordon Cave (2)County Clare
Poulsallagh CaveCounty Clare
PoultalloonCounty Clare
Rathborney River SinkCounty Clare
Ratty River Cave (1)County Clare
Ratty River Cave (2)County Clare
Reef Caves
Reyfad HoleCounty Clare
Rine CaveCounty Clare
Robbers' Den CaveCounty Clare
Rubbish CaveCounty Clare
Scalp Na StrutherCounty Clare
School House SinkCounty Clare
Sheshodonnell West Cave (1)County Clare
Sheshodonnell West Cave (2)County Clare
Sheshodonnell West Cave (3)County Clare
Skeleton CaveCounty Clare
St Brendan'S DigCounty Clare
St Coleman Macduagh'S CaveCounty Clare
St. Catherine'S 1 - Doolin CaveCounty Clare
The CatacombsCounty Clare
The Glen One CaveCounty Clare
The Green GrooveCounty Clare
The ToomeensCounty Clare
Tom'S CaveCounty Clare
Upper Coolagh Valley CaveCounty Clare
Urchin Cave
Vigo CaveCounty Clare
Yellow CaveCounty Clare
Ballincollig CaveCounty Cork
Beaumont CaveCounty Cork
Blarney Castle CaveCounty Cork
Broomfield Quarry Cave EastCounty Cork
Broomfield Quarry Cave WestCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Cave CentralCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Cave EastCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Cave SouthCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Cave WestCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Dressing Room CaveCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Lake CaveCounty Cork
Carrigacrump Water Pot (1)County Cork
Carrigacrump Water Pot (2)County Cork
Carrigagour CavesCounty Cork
Carrigshane CaveCounty Cork
Carrigtwohill Quarry Cave (1)County Cork
Carrigtwohill Quarry Cave (2)County Cork
Carrigtwohill SinkCounty Cork
Carrigtwohill Village CaveCounty Cork
Castletownroche Cave 1County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 2County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 3County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 4County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 5County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 6County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 7County Cork
Castletownroche Cave 8County Cork
Cloyne CavesCounty Cork
Coleman CaveCounty Cork
Donnelaroskas CaveCounty Cork
Dromrhahan CaveCounty Cork
Goat HoleCounty Cork
Gortmore Cave EastCounty Cork
Gortmore Cave WestCounty Cork
Kilcolman Castle CaveCounty Cork
Killura CaveCounty Cork
Killavullen Cave 1County Cork
Killavullen Cave 2County Cork
Killavullen Cave 3County Cork
Killavullen Cave 4County Cork
Knockane Cross Cave (1)County Cork
Knockane Cross Cave (2)County Cork
Knockane Cross Cave (3)County Cork
Knockane Cross Cave (4)County Cork
Mammoth CaveCounty Cork
Middleton College Cave NorthCounty Cork
Middleton College Cave SinkCounty Cork
Midleton Quarry Cave SouthCounty Cork
Mogeely CaveCounty Cork
Moorepark CaveCounty Cork
Ovens CaveCounty Cork
Pluais Sciathan LeathairCounty Cork
Poll ChaitCounty Cork
PoulnafahoeCounty Cork
Poulnaharka RisingCounty Cork
White Horse CaveCounty Cork
Ballynacarrick CaveCounty Donegal
Flautists CaveCounty Donegal