(Arsi - ET)
Grottocenter / carte


Park at the village school and walk for about 20 minutes across the plateau to reach the top entrance located in a doline. A path into the doline leads to the entrance which quickly joins the streamway. GS Vulcains - 26/12/2019


GS Vulcains - 26/12/2019

50m upstream a 3m climb leads to the end of the cave at a blank wall. Following the stream leads to a sump. Downstream eventually leads to the resurgence

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
0.3Gondha Dadhii 2 (Enkuftu)6-6
0.3Gondha Dadhii 1 (Enkuftu)15-15
0.6Holka Bortee23615
0.7Holqa Nanoo45710
3.9Wene Kalo (Holqa)10924
4.8Enkuftu O Kabanawa40554
5.5Holka Baro 22315
5.6Holqa Bero88438
16.0Adaangur (Holka) [Adaanguv]3414