Bashungwe Cave

(Hurungwe - ZW)
Longueur 457m
Grottocenter / carte


BTH - 21/11/2015

"Bashungwe Cave was shown to us by a villager. It has a large downward sloping main chamber, 70 m long. There is lots of guano in the cave and of course many bats. Evidence of habitation by civet cats was also noted. Total length was 457 m""… Darklife > Caves and Caving in the Cape > Caves of Chinhoyi

Michael Laumanns - 29/11/2015

(Hurongwe District) Co-ordinates: E 029°07°, S 17°07’. Surveyed by the SASA 94 expedition. Several entrances and a large bat colony. Huge sloping chamber (70 m long x 25 m wide x 5 m high). Description, map and length according to Truluck (1994b, 2005).

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