Rocheport Cave [Boone Cave]

(Boone County - US)
Grottocenter / carte


Bibliography 30/01/2018


This cave used to be a commercial cave and was then closed due to the prolific number of bats that lived in this cave. It has been closed for decades and still has some concrete trails in it. The cave is a thru trip and is drainage for a large watershed. The cave is a stream. It often floods during large storms and shows signs of massive amounts of water. The location is on public land, but again the cave has officially been closed by the Missouri department of conservation for many years. Procede at your own risk. Because of the massive number of bats living in this cave, there is a VERY pungent smell of ammonia and fungus from the guano. It's a neat cave! Adjacent to this cave's opening is another cave, but it does not go anywhere (collapsed?). On the site, there is a decayed office where tickets and trinkets were sold back in the day. It's a quite beautiful area. Alex Alex - 29/01/2018

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