Upper Codzo River Cave

(Cheringoma - MZ)
Longueur 40m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 27/11/2015

Codzo village, Codzo zone, Cheringoma district, Sofala province, 34°52'00'’E: 18°33'50"N (GPS WGS84), ca. 220 m asl. Surveyed on 23 Aug. 1998 by Herbert Daniel Gebauer, Artur Fernandes and Michael Laumanns (BCRA-Grade 2b). Length: 40 m. About 150 m upstream from the southern entrance of Codzo River Cave another cave can be found in the Codzo canyon. Jammed trees allow to climb down into the approximately 20 m deep gorge to reach the entrance of Upper Codzo River Cave. The cave show the same tectonic structure than it’s big brother" (SW-NE/SE-NW) and is filled with deep stagnant water.

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