Um Kareibah Sinkholes

الخور والذخيرة (QA)
Longueur 40m Profondeur 5m
Grottocenter / carte


These caves are mentioned in Sadiq & Nasir (2002). The Um Kareibah sinkholes are similar to those of the Al Suberiat area and consist of two holes. The first has two openings, each 1.65m in diameter and separated by about 1m of dolomitic rock. This sink hole is 3m deep and is up to 2m in diameter. The second sinkhole is also vertical, with a 2m opening and a depth of 2.3m and a small doline which is 13m in diameter. All sinkholes dip in a NWSE direction to unknown depth. Lorimer (1908), under the name Umm-al-Qaraibah, describes this site as a Bedouin camp ground with a 12 fathom deep masonry well. The location is given as being 12 miles south of Huwailah and 9 miles from the east coast.

Martin Ellis (16/04/2019)

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