Ninga Macie [Cementary Cave]

(Cheringoma - MZ)
Longueur 5m Profondeur 5m
Grottocenter / carte


Dimba village, Chidanga zone, Cheringoma district, Sofala province. 34°58'46"E: 18°22'21 ' N (GPS WGS84), ca. 260 m asl. Surveyed on 28 Aug. 1998 by Giancarlo Zaccaria. Length: 5 m. Vertical range: -5 m. Situated a short distance north of the road from Inhaminga to Chite. A man-sized hole of 5 m depth does not lead into any cave passage. Not mapped. Michael Laumanns - 26/11/2015

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
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1.7Ninga Tombo Apale416
1.7Tombo Apale Cave 3186
1.9Tombo Apale Cave 2234
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5.1Smaller Umbira Cave
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