P. K. 103.2, Salang (Grotte du)

(ولسوالی سالنگ - AF)
Grottocenter / carte


Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

The relic of a small, collapsed, and ascending cave with a second entrance 3 m higher up. SITUATION (SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE 1975): Near –>Ab Bar Amara and in a canyon entering from the left the Salang river valley near kilometre stone 103.2 on the road from Kabul (N34°31': E069°11') via Salang Pass (N35°19'00”: E069°02'22” WGS84) to Mazar-i Sharif (N36°42'37”: E067°06'37” WGS84).


Bibliography 06/01/2018
  • Spéléologie Afghane 1975.


EXPLORATION HISTORY: 1975 August: Claude Chabert and Montserrat Ubach Tarres visited, mapped and explored (SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE 1975: 12). Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

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