Ninga Cupicua

(Cheringoma - MZ)
Longueur 4m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 27/11/2015

Codzo village, Codzo zone, Cheringoma district, Sofala province, 34°52'00'’E: 18°33'50"N (GPS WGS84), ca. 195 m asl. Surveyed on 29 Aug. 1998 by Herbert Daniel Gebauer (BCRA-Grade 2b). Length: 4 m. This small rock shelter is situated about 50 m NW of the northern entrance of Codzo River Cave in the border of a steep tributary dry valley. It was used by the locals to hide cereal and food during war times. A fire place was noticed. Although Ninga Cupicua does not contain significant sediments it may be an interesting place for archaeological investigations because steadily flowing water is nearby.

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