Деветашката (пещера) [Devetashka cave]

Ловеч (Ловеч - BG)
Grottocenter / carte


Located 16 km north of Lovech, near the village Devetaki - the right bank of the river Osam. Vanyo Gyorev - 24/09/2018


Vanyo Gyorev - 24/09/2018

The cave is of international importance as a refuge for bats and is included as a priority item in the list of the Agreement on the Conservation of European bats - EUROBATS. Because the breeding season of mammals inhabiting the cave by the Minister of Environment and Waters has introduced access control in both galleries of the cave. Water Gallery is closed to visitors during the period 1 November to 1 April, and the dry gallery - between 25 may - 31 yuli.


Bibliography 13/02/2018

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