KOKJAR (Cave at)

(حضرت سلطان - AF)
Grottocenter / carte


Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

A shallow rock shelter but seen through an archaeologist's lens the remains of a huge cave over 100 feet long [aboute 30 m] and 50 feet wide, the roof of which had collapsed, so that only about 20 feet [6 m] in the rear was still sheltered. The roof was of hard limestone … (COON 1957a: 233-234). ETYMOLOGY: COON (1957a: 234) translates the Uzbeg -Kok Jar- into Blue Gulch (gorge, ravine). SITUATION: Above the village of Kok Jar (Kokjar, Kokcha?, Hazrati Sultan district, on AIMS sheet PI42-14), and visible at a distance of less than a mile from a point 14.8 km out of Aybak on the road to -Tashkurgan- (Kholm, Tashqurghan).


Bibliography 06/01/2018
  • Coon, Carlton Stevens 1957a, 1957b.


EXPLORATION HISTORY: 1954.03.26: Dr. Carlton Stevens COON (1957a, 1957b) and Mrs. (=Elizabeth 'Lisa' K. Ralph), Henry 'Hank' W. Coulter jr. (geologist) and Mohammed Nader Saweri Khan (inspector of the Antiquities Department of the Ministry of Education, Kabul) visited in company with the mayor of Aybak. 1954.03.29 - 1954.04.04: Carlton S. Coon, Khair Mohammed, Khan Shah et al. excavated an archaeologically sterile sediment (COON 1957a: 235-236). Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

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