Amboni Cave 4

Longueur 223m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 23/11/2015

223 m long Amboni Cave 4 is located at 5°04'25,0’’ S - 039°2'37,9' E on the southern bank of the Mukulumuzi River, which has to be crossed to reach the main entrance of the cave. Beside this entrance, Amboni Cave 4 has five other horizontal entrances and two daylight roof holes. The cave is joint controlled and enlarged by phreatic solution. Main directions are SW-NE and NW-SE but cleft directions from N towards S and E-W can be noted that get more common in the western caves of the area and which are even dominant in Amboni Cave 8. Amboni Cave 4 has small calcitic concretions in its SW part. A considerable colony of bats inhabits the cave. There are exploitable bat guano accumulations inside Amboni Cave 4.

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