Zayei (Holqa)

(Central Tigray - ET)
Longueur 370m Profondeur 0m
Grottocenter / carte


GS Vulcains - 04/01/2020

A small doorway in the Church allows access to a low wide bedding plane with a dry dusty floor and very old stal curtains on both sides. Two stal barriers are passed to reach a low chamber with tombs of priests lining the right hand wall. Beyond another stal barrier the passage rises and widens. From here to a solitary stal boss many scores of tombs line the passage with only a narrow path between. For another 100m there are tombs on the right wall and a large slab has fallen from the roof . Explored in June 1962 by D J Causer & D A Wheelerto the left. Further down the passage a cluster of three pillars are followed after 30m by a magnificent solitary column 2m in diameter and 10m high. At this point the passage is about 20m wide. It continues as a straight passage through well decorated areas to an abrupt halt at an impenetrable stalagmited boulder choke after a swing to the left.

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
1773.2Al Quasairah175
1806.7Al Mudhlem (Dahl)15030
1809.5Al Musfer (Dahl)7836
1836.7Duhail Sinkhole405
1841.3Dahl Al Hamam6015
1854.3Al Suberiat Sinkholes
1874.8Al Ghosheimah Sinkholes175
1880.0Um Kareibah Sinkholes405
2309.3Eshkaft-e Salman [Shekaft-e Salman] [Salomon's Cave]