Anou Ifflis [Anu n'Iffis] [Gouffre du Léopard]

Bechloul (Daïra Bechloul - DZ)
Longueur 2000m Profondeur 1200m
Grottocenter / carte


Ras Timedouine, Djurdjura range, Bouira The entrance is found at 2,150 m altitude, north of the Bouira-Tizi Ouzou highway, in the municipality of Tikjda (wilaya de Bouira). The narrow entrance is located at the foot of the uppermost cliff of the crest of Ras Timedouine, about 3 km NE of Tikjda co-ordinates X630,3 Y353,1. Map Tazmalt 1:50,00 BTH - 22/10/2019


General description

Michael Laumanns - 28/11/2015

The anou Ifflis is currently the deepest cave in Africa. Collignon (1992, 1997) still reported a depth of -1,150 m. The cave gets its name (,,Leopard cave" from the numerous golden spots that adorn the passages in the -200 m to -530 m region. Below -200 m, the cave is fed by many water sources that combine to form a stream at -920 m with a dry season flow of about 10 l/s. The presumed resurgence is ansor Arbailoune, located to the NW of the cave at an altitude of 950 m, only 100 m lower than the deepest point reached in Anou Ifflis. Description according to Courbon et al. (1989) and Javier Lario (personal communication). Profile according to Collignon (1992).


Bibliography 26/09/2010


Exploration of the cave began in 1980, when the Association Spéléologique de Montreuil reached -87 m after digging away an obstruction. In 1981, exploration was halted at -300 m when a tight Section was reached. This obstacle was passed in 1983, when two expeditions with the clubs of Li Darboun and Ragale and the Comité Spéléologique de l’Ile-de-France („Couscous 83“ expedition) pushed the cave to a sump at -975 m (other sources quote -992 m). In 1985, the Espeleo Club Gràcia (Barcelona) was able to pass the sump (which had been diminished by a long dry period), and were stopped on top of a pit at -1,007 m (Gascó 1985). Belgian cavers from Liège passed this obstacle in summer 1986 (Report in Regards 1987) and reached a depth of -1,159 m. In 1986 an international expedition - EC Gràcia (supported by the Algerian SC Boufarik) and ,Couscous 86° (cavers from Madrid, France and Australia) - continued exploration. Participants from Barcelona claimed to have reached a terminal sump at a depth of -1,159 m. However, when Belgian cavers from the club Equipe Spéléo-Nicolas tried to dive the terminal sump in 1988 they couldn’t reach the water level due to lack of rope at -1,170 m (Vanstraelen 1988). BTH - 22/10/2019

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