Съева дупка

Тетевен (Ловеч - BG)
Longueur 400m
Grottocenter / carte


The cave is located near the village of Brestnitsa, in the Lovech region. Well-maintained signs provide directions and begin on the main road. It is possible to drive almost to the mouth of the cave. Vanyo Gyorev - 24/09/2018


Bibliography 24/09/2018
Bibliography 25/06/2010


The cave opened for visitors in 1967, but was closed in 1990. It reopened in 2004. Sаeva Dupka consists of 5 galleries, the largest of which is The Srutishte (Demolished) Gallery. The gallery nearest the cave mouth is known as Kupena (Haysatck), since it resembles a haystack. Visitors then enter Strutishte, which looks like it has just been struck by a powerful earthquake, with stone blocks strewn on its floor. The galleries after that are called Harmana (Threshing Floor), Belya Zamak (White Palace), and Kosmos (Cosmos). Sаeva Dupka is exceptionally beautiful, displaying all forms found in caves: stalactites, stalagmites, karst lakes, rock curtains, and so forth. The cave’s lavishly decorated walls and ceiling give visitors the impression that they have entered a cathedral. The Harmana Gallery has such excellent acoustic properties that concerts are held here that often feature large choirs and famous performers. The cave has also been used a setting in films. Vanyo Gyorev - 24/09/2018

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