Al Ghosheimah Sinkholes

Longueur 17m Profondeur 5m
Grottocenter / carte


These caves are mentioned in Sadiq & Nasir (2002). Al Ghosheimah is a group of four vertical sinkholes 15 to 20m apart. The holes may be interconnected and the 'surveys' show the passage continuing. The caves are described as: • Hole A: this is the largest (2m x 1m); it is vertical for 1m then increases in size to 11m in diameter with depth. Total depth on survey is 5m and a length of about 12m. • Hole B: entrance 1.5m in diameter at the surface, but widens to 12.5m inside. The survey shows a depth of 5m and a length of 17m. • Hole C: small entrance (0.5m) and reaches a depth of 3.5m. • Hole D: has the smallest entrance (0.4m) and a depth of 2.5m. Note that holes C & D dip towards holes A & B. Lorimer (1908), under the name Ghashamiyah, describes the site, 10 miles west-north-west of Huwailah and 5 miles from the east coast as a Bedouin camp ground where there is "2 masonry wells of good water, 2 fathoms deep, and the ruins of a fort". Martin Ellis - 16/04/2019

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