Kef (Ghar)

Boucheghouf ⴱⵓ ⵛⴻⵇⵇⵓⴼ بوشقوف (Daïra Boucheghouf - DZ)
Longueur 2028m Profondeur 168m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 28/11/2015

(Dahredj, djebel Nador, Guelma, NE Algeria) Co-ordinates: E 007°40’30”; N 36°26’30”. Alt. 268 m. Also called „Sistema Sotterranéo di Dahrak“, „Sistema Sotterranéo di Dahredj“ or „Système de Dahred“. Through cave with a subterranean streamway in Triassic gypsum including an upstream part (424 m long) and a downstream section (2,028 m long) separated by a large polje (400 m in diameter). If the cave was regarded as one single system its depth of -2.12 m would make Ghar Kef the deepest gypsum cave of the world. Explored by G.S.Imperiese CAI (Italy) in 1987 (Calandri et al. 1987). Plan according to Calandri & Pastor (1988).

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