Dahl Al Hamam

الدوحة (QA)
Longueur 60m Profondeur 15m
Grottocenter / carte


Other names: Haman Sinkhole, Dahail Located in the Dahl al Hamam Park in the Madinet Khalifa region of Doha city. The cave entrance is surrounded by a chain-link fence with a locked gateway. A concrete path leads to the steel steps down into the cave. Martin Ellis - 16/04/2019


Dahl al Hamam has an oval entrance (14.1m x 9.1m) which is oriented in a NE-SW direction and the cave is approximately 50-60m long and 15m deep. The passage slopes down with lots of breakdown, boulders, sloping loose gravel, rubble and sand. Around the edges of the bottom of the cave there are pools of brackish water. One small, shallow pool is several meters wide and covered with a whitish crust. On the opposite side of the bottom of the cave there is a water drip from the rocky limestone ceiling which forms puddles of clear water. There doesn’t appear to be a current, but the water is clear and perhaps there is a little stream flowing away under the rocks. The cave is connected to the sea, which is 4km to the east, as there is a tidal fluctuation of the water table of about 30cm. A recent investigation of the cave, as part of a gravity survey, included diving to take video images in the flooded sections of the cave. These showed that there are oval shaped passages in fractured rock which are orientated north-east to south-west (Howari et al., 2016). Several types of small fish have been reported as living in the cave. Lorimer (1908), under the name Dahail, describes this site as being 6 miles west-north-west from Doha as being "a rocky pool containing good water; it is in a cave at the foot of a low hill".

Martin Ellis (16/04/2019)

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