Debe (Enkuftu)

(East Harerghe - ET)
Longueur 33m Profondeur -22m
Grottocenter / carte


GS Vulcains - 04/01/2020

15m pot leading to a rift shaped chamber with formations. There is a continuation into a downward sloping narrow gallery and a short easy climb allows access to the upper part of the chamber.

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
0.5Nole (Enkuftu)15-15
1.2Warabessa (Goda)180
1.4Bube (Rift Cave)15-7
7.0Kure III (Enkuftu)17-17
7.3Kure II (Enkuftu)100-100
7.6Kure I (Enkuftu)21-21
11.9Ere Toquma (Holqa)370
12.4Hayu 1 (Enkuftu)41-38
12.4Hayu 3 (Enkuftu)