Mate 3 (Enkuftu)

(West Harerghe - ET)
Longueur 55m Profondeur -37m
Grottocenter / carte


GS Vulcains - 01/01/2020

The entrance is a 5m diameter shaft rigged from an overhanging tree. The 10m entrance pitch lands in daylight on a sloping boulder floor from which a clamber over large boulders leads to an awkward 15m sloping pitch in a rift. A short descending passage leads to a 14m diameter circular chamber rock floored at the top but sloping down to silt and guano banks which block all possible ways on.

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
0.6Mate 2 (Enkuftu)
0.8Biyoo 1 (Enkuftu)6340
0.9Biyoo 2 (Enkuftu)116
1.0Mate 1 (Enkuftu)34-6
1.9Wene (Enkuftu)
2.6Diblo (Enkuftu)90-80
3.4Hafursa (Enkuftu)71-35
5.2Dhabaa 1 (Enkuftu)012
5.2Dhabaa 2 (Enkuftu)80-44