KAFTAR KHANA (Chabert 1975) (Ghar)

(ولسوالی سالنگ - AF)
Grottocenter / carte


Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

An obvious entrance (12 m wide, 8 m high), well known to local people (SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE 1975: 12, cave plan on page 13)). ETYMOLOGY: The Pashtu (?) -kaftar- signifies pigeon/s and -khana- means house, home. SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE (1975), however, translates Ghar Kaftar Khana into the French -Grotte du Pigeonnier- (Pigeoner's Cave). SITUATION: Near –>Ab Bar Amada, on the left bank of the Salang river valley, and a few metres above the road near kilometre stone 102.5 on the road from Kabul to Mazar-i Sharif. CAVE LIFE: Pigeons (SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE 1975: 12).


Bibliography 06/01/2018
  • Spéléologie Afghane 1975.


EXPLORATION HISTORY: 1975 August: Claude Chabert and Nicole Bouillier mapped (SPELEOLOGIE AFGHANE 1975: 12). Herbert Daniel Gebauer - 06/01/2018

Cavités proche

Distance (km)NomLongueur (m)Profondeur (m)
0.0P. K. 103.2, Salang (Grotte du)
0.0P. K. 102.1, Salang (Grotte du)
0.0CANYON 1, Salang (Grotte du)
0.0CANYON 2, Salang (Grotte du)
0.0CANYON 3, Salang (Grotte du)
0.0Salang (Grotte-résurgence de la)
0.0JON (Ghar i)
0.0HOTEL, Salang (Grotte de la)
1.3AB BAR AMARA (Ghar)