Tombo Apale Cave 2

(Cheringoma - MZ)
Longueur 23m Profondeur 4m
Grottocenter / carte


Michael Laumanns - 25/11/2015

Dimba village, Chidanga zone, Cheringoma district, Sofala province. 34°58'00'’E: 18°23'04" N (GPS WGS84), ca. 270 m asl. Surveyed on 27 Aug. 1998 by Herbert Daniel Gebauer, Adriano Germano and Michael Laumanns (BCRA-Grade 4b). Length; 23 m. Vertical range: +4 m. Small dry rift passage with some side passages and three entrances in a rock shelter near a dry valley. The cave seems to be a hiding place for the locals. Many recent bones were found (porcupine, bovine and warthog). Tombo Apale Cave 2 neither contain bats nor speleothemes.

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