Pequena Xonondo N°8

(Buzi - MZ)
Longueur 42m Profondeur 8m
Grottocenter / carte


Mutanda zone, Buzi district, Sofala province. GPS (WGS84) S 19°55'34.2” Z E 34°07:29.3". ca. 120 m asl. Surveyed on 2 Sept. 1999 by Jens Römer (BCRA-Grade 2a). Length: 42,00 m. Vertical range: -8.00 m, The entrance lies at the edge a dry valley south of Pequena Xonondo No. 1. Michael Laumanns - 28/11/2015


Michael Laumanns - 28/11/2015

The 8 m deep pit (SRT or steel rope ladder required), which measures 1,5 - 2 m in diameter, leads to a chamber, which ramifies both to NE and SW. To the S the chamber branches off into a 10 m long and 3 m wide crawi and into as well as a 15 m long SW passage. The soil in the crawl is relatively sandy while in the main passage smaller rocks predominate. The 10 m long N part ends in a boulder choke. About 4 m from the entrance pit the mummified remnants of a small monkey were found. Regarding the cave fauna some spiders and cavecrickets were registered. No bats were seen. Also no traces of fillings with conglomerate were found.

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