Chinhoyi Caves

(Makonde - ZW)
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Michael Laumanns - 29/11/2015

(Chinhoyi) Co-ordinates: E 030°05°, S 17°22°. Chirorodziva, today just called Chinhoyi Cave, is a famous tourist show cave located 100 km NW of Harare, near Chinhoyi. Formed in Lower Proterozoic dołomite. Divers from the South African Normalair Underwater Chub reached -103 m in 1969 and sounded the lake to -172 m (according to Martini; Bull. South Afr. Speleol. Assoc., 1982, p.45). Reportedly US Navy divers reached a depth of -135 m in 1992 (Truluck 1993). The cave has several large daylight windows and some fossil passages with stalagmite formations. The first survey was made in 1920, Chinhoyi Cave was re-surveyed during the SASA expedition in 1994 (Truluck 1994d, 2005) adding the depth above water to the depth of the lake. The cave is a National Park. Description according to Courbon et al. (1989) and Truluck (2005). Profile, length and depth according to Truluck (1994b, 2005).


Bibliography 21/06/2010

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